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Bernard (Bernie) Morton

Engineer by trade and entrepreneur by choice, Bernie was a relationship guy. Throughout his career, relationships had consistently made the difference in his life. Starting out in a local company providing heating, ventilation and other services, Bernie advanced his career by developing relationships with clients which ultimately led to success in sales. One of his products, a steam humidifier, originally had serious limitations for usage, so he conceived an add-on device that ultimately received a patent. Many will know this product, DRI-STEEM humidifiers. In 2002, when DRI-STEEM was sold, it commanded over 50% of the market share in North America, had a European sales office and was shipping products around the world. Bernie attributed his business success to learning about relationships. That, plus his perfectionistic approach to communicating. When he hired people to work with him, he looked for those who had reputations of truthfulness and reliability for "sticking with it" even during the tough times. Bernie believed this tenacity is what will make a VisionBanker successful for the long haul. Unfortunately, Bernie passed away on September 3rd, 2009. He left behind a wonderful family and a great approach to business.

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